Hi :)

Hi all. Just thought I’d do an ‘introducing myself’ post as I take a look around the forum and work out what’s what.

I live with/care for both my parents, work, and have a chronic health condition myself. Sometimes I really feel the burn…hence ending up on here at 5.45 after zero sleep thanks to a combo of a rough day, pain and insomnia-inducing meds. :wink:

The site looks great though, and a huge resource so I’m pleased to have finally found you!

I’ll work out the site first then maybe post something more enlightening than what is essentially an ‘I’m here’ post. :slight_smile:

Hi Music matters, welcome to the forum.
Even without your own health problems, and work, caring for two elderly parents without a lot of support is too hard to sustain long term.
You are their son, not slave!
Then there is another serious issue you may not know about.
Do your parents own or rent their home?
Do you have Power of Attorney for each of them?
Are they claiming Attendance Allowance?

If you can tell us a bit more about their situation, age and disabilities, we may be able to suggest a few options to help.
When did you last go on holiday?!