Hi newbie considering becoming self-employed need help

Hi I’m currently a carer and considering becoming self- employed as a therapist. I’ve worked out that I could fit in about 5 to 8 hours of seeing clients in a month - which i guess is a little more than 1 or 2 a week, depending on how things go. The work wont be regular as in ‘weekly’ as it’d depend on my clients rebooking each month etc So how would I explain that with regard to the earning less than the £128 a week? Would be that its calculated as an average? Do I report earns every month or wait until I have a full year of accounts and work averages from that? who do i report it to ?
I’m hoping that perhaps I’ll find it easy to increase my amount of work once I get started and make sure I feel able to commit to it (caring comes first). It’s hard to know as being that my line of work wouldnt be stable/regular. I’m guessing any work needs to be reported even if its not regular? I’m also unsure about how this would effect my tax credits. Has anyone been in a similar situation? Sorry just realised I’ve asked so many questions!!! Would be grateful for any help or advice Thanks :slight_smile:

Do you understand the difference between income and profit?
You deduct EXPENSES from income!

Start by checking what expenses are allowable.