Hi im new lol

Hay just wanted to put a post on introducing myself…the email I got when I signed up said it be a good idea so hear I am Lol, hi my name’s Kate I’m 33 and from the UK I currently care for my husband he broke his back 4years ago in 3places :persevere:…i know painful he’s doing better had a op he’s up and down on mobility just depends on the day lol. Anyway I hurd about this place from a friend who said it might help me…sometimes being a career can be hard and loney and others just don’t get it so I’m looking forward to meeting some nice ppl who do :blush: hope this post is ok. Takecare everyone kate x

Hi Kate, welcome to the forum. Has your husband had a Needs Assessment, and you a Carers Assessment, from Social Services?

Hi Kate you are dead right about it being hard and lonely, although a year ago, I discovered meet ups, where all sorts or events are held where the idea is to make friends, so I took the plunge and went to one alone and I meet so many people, my motivation was that I was so fed up of having no friends, being stuck in without any outlet for my own sanity, I was having all sorts of suicidal thoughts, so I made a resolution to start going to as many of these meet ups as possible to meet as many people socially as I can, so I go to these whenever I can which is the odd weekend, when I can get out, I feel guilty at times when I am out, as my mother is at home all alone, but I need that balance and I make sure she is ok before I go out and phone her when I am out to check how everything is, and going to these meet ups have helped and I have made a few friends as well, although nobody really understands unless they have been through it theirselves. Anyway I digress have you had assessments done, or do you receive any benefits?

Hello and welcome!

Please tell us some more about your husband. What is the nature of his disability? Is it physical or cognitive?

Hi Kate and welcome,

I think only carers or former carers understand what caring is like.

I hope you find the forum supportive. Take a peek at different sections and join in wherever you like.


Thara, her husband broke his back in 3 places.

Hello Kate, I’m new here too! I hope that you find lots of support here.

Samantha, I agree with you, I like to spend as much time out of the house as possible meeting people. I’ve just moved to a new area and the person I care for is on the autism spectrum so it’s very lonely at home whilst he chillaxes with his special interests. I’ve found that I’m craving conversation, validation, listening etc from other people and I’m looking into all kinds of local groups to have something social planned each day, preferably more than one thing in case the meeting is cancelled or my shift at work changes and I cannot go to something. I hope you continue to enjoy your meet ups and do what is best for you, it’s so important.