Help to move my daughter from residential care

I need advice on how to move my severely autistic daughter from residential care into her own flat. She is very unhappy in her present home. If I find her a home to live in with support workers will all the costs be covered by her allowances. Should her social worker be able to deal with this. I do not have granteeship as she cannot sign a lasting power of attorney and doesn’t have the mental capacity to agree.

Hi Susan,
Quick reply for now as S due to arrive at any minute, there is info here that might help:

Although you can’t get power of attorney you can go through the Court of Protection instead. Not a decision to be taken lightly but an option that would enable you to make decisions etc


Do you have a social worker or not? This is a issue to discuss with the local council and your social worker. Perhaps they can suggest things?

My son, now 40, has severe learning difficulties, lives in a privately rented flat with carer support and day services.
The housing costs are paid for through Housing Benefit, apart from about £2 a week, and he is exempt from Council Tax as he is classed as having “Severe Mental Impairment”. So yes, it is possible, especially as he has highest rate care and mobility PIP. That’s the good news.
The bad news is that since he moved, he has had about 6 care companies, all useless. I have a meeting today with the latest lot, who don’t seem to understand budgeting, healthy eating, or meaningful activities for a man.
I would strongly recommend trying to find somewhere there is a group of flats with a communal area and staff 24/7. Feel free to ask for more information.