Supported housing for my daughter

Hi, I havn’t been on the forum for a couple of years so I count myself as a ‘returning’ newbie. My daughter is 40, she is blind has some learning difficulties /autistic traits and a medical condition. For the past couple of years i have been looking for specialist housing and now we have found something that may be possible but it is 50 miles from where we live. The property is a new build so our next step would be to visit when some of the residents have moved in and we can get a real idea of ‘life in the house’. I would appreciate any advice about what questions I should be asking. Also, it looks like we will have to ‘self fund’ as I have been my daughter’s sole carer and we don’t receive any help from social services. Could she make an application to the Social Services in that area? Also, could she apply for housing benefit to help towards the cost, (we own our home and she would still want to come home on a regular basis).
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Why don’t you receive any financial help?

Your daughter is entitled to benefits in her own right. My daughter is a similar age and recently left home to live with her boyfriend so I know it will be a huge step for you both.

Hi Pollyanna

Welcome back to the forum. I’m sure you’re already familiar with the support Carers UK provides but thought i’d highlight the following in case any of it is interest to you…

Carers UK are running online weekly meet ups for carers to take some time for themselves and chat to other carers. Feel free to join if you’d like to and there’s no pressure to share anything you don’t want to. You can find information on how to register to our online meetups at the following pages:

Care for a Cuppa: Online meetups | Carers UK - the next online meet up is Tuesday 4th May (tomorrow). This social is a great way to have a little break if you are able to and spend some quality time talking to people who understand what you are going through right now.

Share and Learn: Share and Learn | Carers UK - these sessions range from creative writing activities to beginners Latin dance sessions.

Our Telephone Helpline is available on 0808 808 7777 from Monday to Friday, 9am – 6pm or you can contact us by email (

They also provide information and guidance to unpaid carers. This covers a range of subjects including:

Benefits and financial support
Your rights as a carer in the workplace
Carers’ assessments and how to get support in your caring role
Services available to carers and the people you care for
How to complain effectively and challenge decisions.

Hi Pollyanna,
You have saved the state a fortune caring for and supporting your daughter. However, she is entitled to benefits and care supports.Just because you have always cared for her doesn’t mean she isn’t entitled. Indeed, in the future she will need to be financially secure when you are no longer about. If she is living in her own place she will be entitled to housing benefit and care support. Whilst still at home she can also be claiming money to live on and money for the extra costs as a result of having a disability.

I think you should definitely contact the helpline (details in Robs post for advice on what and how to claim.)

The bit that is more complicated is that the housing you are considering is in another county. I think you need to seek advice about how this works. Out of county placements are usually funded by the county where someone lives with their family - and the move usually comes about because there is nothing local. However, these placements are more costly as the host county often charges more. Also do you and your daughter want to be 50 miles apart?

The Challenging behaviour foundation (don’t be put off by the name) has some good info on housing

As does Mencap Learning Disability - Housing - FAQs | Mencap

Sense also run specialist housing for those with VI and more complex needs.

Keep us posted, as this will be me and S in a few years time!


Thank you Penny, Rob and Melly for your replies/advice.
My daughter does receive DLA, (daily living/mobility) and Employment and support allowance. I did receive Carers Allowance until I received my State Pension last year!.
If my daughter is offered a room in this shared house, the plan would be I eventually move to be near to her.
Our situation gets more complicated because we own our house 50/50!
I will definately think about joining the Carers session next week, I don’t know anyone who is/ has gone through the process of planning for their ‘older child’ to move into supported housing and I just want to get it right.

Hi Pollyana,

It’s amazing what you’ve done and are doing for your daughter.

I had a similar situation with my daughter going into supported accomodation. The difference was that she was already living in the area. The main person who helped with her application and support was her .key social worker. Suggest you ask the council to help you through her key worker.



Hi Polyanna,

Is it actually supported accommodation or just a house share? Will they have a member of staff there during certain hours or even all day?

Do you know what the other residents are like? Have they the same ailments or is still a new build so no one lives there?

I would ask what would happen if your daughter doesn’t like it there and wants to move back with you. Is there a cooling off period or will it be a signed tenancy so she has to stay there for x amount of months?

Your daughter will be able to claim either housing costs or housing benefits depending on what other benefits she is on.

I wish you all the best.

Supported housing is usually referred by a social worker.

Has she had a needs assessment?,

The social worker would do a support needs analysis form to work out the hours of support needed.

Thank you to Allen, ontheverge and cloudygal for taking the time to reply.

I will take on board all your advice. My main concern is the level of support, (there is a member of staff in the house 24/7) and then an additional number of 1:1 hours. I want my daughter to be able to access activities, etc.

When we next visit we will meet the other 4 residents and get an idea of whether my daughter would ‘fit in’.

A Social Worker has carried out a needs assessment but because we are looking at a property in another County that’s as far as it goes!

My understanding is that the Social Worker should be able commission extra hours. That is what I have been told by my sons social worker who is very experienced.

Hi couldygal
Thank you for your reply. I need to make a call to Social Services in the ‘new area’ to see if she could claim if she moves into this shared/supported house. Otherwise we will be self-funding!!
Hope you are doing OK?

My son is 15 miles away. Used to be out of county, created endless problems. Every round trip for you will be 100 miles, that’s too far and too long if there is a crisis. What will happen when you can’t drive any more? Have you thought about private rental, maybe with someone she knows, nearer to home?

Hi Bowling Bun
I agree with you about living not too far away; my plan, is if my daughter settles into this accommodation, I am prepared to move to be near to her.


That seems like a good plan