Help please

I work in a care home and one of the service users refuses to shower unless it’s me who does it on a certain day. If I’m not in that day or I’m on annual leave the service user doesn’t get showered and it’s as simple as that. My manager allows this. None of my co-workers even try to build a relationship with said service user because * can be quite challenging and time consuming. Is this even allowed? It’s really getting me down and I feel like it’s solely my responsibility to make sure this service user gets washed.

Hi Elle

This is a forum for unpaid carers.

I commend you wanting the best for the resident

If your management don’t listen to you. You could try …

Please do not use the term “service user” - it is degrading and demeaning.

This is a real live person, with feelings - someone’s loved relative, not an inanimate object.