It was all going too well

Has anyone experienced this ?

After successfully getting CHC Funding for my wife, i have been informed that the care company currently used and the NHS are battling it out with the costs… Nhs says the company are too expensive ?
My wife is more than happy with the care agency but i am beginning to think another company could be imposed upon her or a care home could be the next alternative if home care is too expensive ?

Any thoughts ?

They should not be insisting that you change care agency, and certainly cannot insist on residential care.
If you Google “Continuing Healthcare Framework” you will find all the details you need.

I will have a good read of the framework tomorrow… I haven’t had opportunity tonight.

Thank you Bowlingbun

David how horrible for you and your wife. Am sorry this has happened after your battle.
CHC has been awarded, and they have no right to put this fly in the ointment.
Home care is far less expensive than a nursing home, which is what your wife would need.
For example, my husband’s nursing home fees were £1400 per week! Probably more now. It wasn’t the most luxurious and not the worst.

Apparently the care agency have quoted £1500 a week for 4 visits a day as 2 carers are needed each visit.
Maybe a care home is an option they are looking at instead ?

Not much shocks me these days, but that quote has! Am out of touch obviously.
As costs have gone up, it should be taken into consideration.
Do not let them say you can top up because that is illegal

I would ask for a detailed description of what exactly they are asking for what amount, so that costs can be adjusted. Alternatively, you can consult with another company that provides care services, if possible.

To the nearest pound, that sum works out at 214 per day. £54 each visit. £27 each staff member.
How long are they supposed to be there for each visit?

Under these circumstances, I think it is the care agency taking advantage.
Or have they just got their sums wrong?

If I was you, I would just start by asking what their hourly rate was.

Each visit is an hour in length…
I have to agree, it is expensive so perhaps they need to do their sums again ?

Yes, just ask for the hourly rate to start with. Maybe they charge extra for weekends and antisocial hours?