Help needed advice please

Hi may I ask if a Council can not meet ur care needs what happens my son has home hemo dylise and there talking about getting carers but I’ve been told by the hosp that a carer is not trained In home hemo
So then what happens ???

I have done a quick google search and some care agencies state. There carers provide with training from a nurse dialysis in the home.

So I am a little surprised the hospital stated not. You could speak to CQC tomorrow

I’m sure they could set your mind at rest.

Contact CQC for help and advice. It sounds like the hospital needs to improve staff/patient communication.

Hi Ritchie,
some agencies specialise in health care as well as or instead of social care. They have care workers trained or who can be trained in health procedures. It costs more, as the health care assistants are paid more as they have more responsibility. Sometimes there is a delay, as the workers may need to be found and trained first.

Are social services saying they are going to replace the direct payments that pay your Mum for support with a care package from an agency?


Please clarify. What have social services told you?