Help I'm scared and confused

Hi all newbie here.

My daughter is 12 and has aspergers and adhd as well as puberty on top of it!!!

I gave workedcall my life and made a difficult decision at the beginning of the year. Ive handed in my notice at work and finish on the 8th of March.
Ive heard i maybe sanctioned if i apply for universal credit as ive left paid work!

Ive called the helpline and they know nothing…

My daughters behaviour is getting more difficult to handle and my parents struggle with her behaviour… (they are nearly 73!)

I get constant calls/texts from her and school and the divert meltdowns on a daily basis.

Knives are hidden etc…

My minds frazzled and no one can tell me if i will get sanctioned.

I haven’t taken the decision lightly but im worried about money…

Could cry… The people at un have no clue…

Surely there are other people in my situation who have gad to leave work to support their child.

She gets high rate dla due to the level of care she requires

Help :cry:

Hi Caroline,

Welcome to the forum.

Puberty in teenagers without special needs is tough enough, but factor in ASD/Aspergers and it takes it to a new level. Are you getting any support for her from CAHMS or similar?

Have a read through here Universal Credit | Carers UK to see if it answers your questions, if not, contact the helpline.

You can email us at > > and we will respond to your enquiries within 10 working days, although it can often be sooner.

Our telephone helpline providing information is open on Mondays and Tuesdays between 10am and 4pm - 0808 808 7777




As far as DWP goes, I would encourage you to contact Carers UK on the website (there are phone numbers and email)
I would also suggest Citizens Advice. I am assuming the “sanction” threats came down from DWP.

Seconded !


CUK Advice Team … best by email :