Hi il a newbie and need some advice please
I work still at a bank and look after mam and brother who live together shielded at the moment. I would blitz house. Do paperwork, finances, gardening, heavy work etc.
They would normally be OK and help each other with cooking and basic tasks. They both have health problems,mam has copd, asthma, depression brother has fibro and arthritis. However mam fell on Fri and broke her wrist collecting prescription from doorstep.
I have been self isolating due to working and just doing shopping for her but she I now going to struggle with basic things in the house. Am l allowed to go in house and do housework? I’m terrified of possibility of making her sick. I have no symptoms but what if I’m a carrier?

Christine, it is time for brother and mum to have someone else to help them, and this is a golden opportunity. Do not miss it!

Is mum still in hospital, or has she been discharged already?
Usually a hospital should arrange a package of care before discharging someone, did this happen for mum?
If not, ring Social Services tomorrow and explain that they need URGENT help. Say you CANNOT do it. From now on, your role should be that of “care supervisor” making sure they are both OK, rather than doing everything yourself. This worked really well for me when I was struggling. You have a right to look after yourself too.
Mum will say she “can manage” I’m sure, but doesn’t realise the implications of that for you!

How old are mum and brother?
Are they both receiving disability benefits?
Does mum own or rent her house?
Does she have over £23,000 in savings? (Yes/No).
If she does, then Social Services will invoice her for the full cost of the care, but still have a duty to arrange it for her.
Usually I could make other recommendations, but the Covid emergency means that some rules have been abandoned.

Mum is 73 and brother 51

No savings

Mam on DLA with pension credit
Brother on pip I think or UC not sure l know not much. But he I not working due to his disability too.

She was just signed over to me.

I was not allowed to be with her in hospital with the covid19 regulations so they just said cast on for 6 weeks olny come back if it has problems.

She rents bungalow with local council