Hello - New to the forum

I’m new to the forum. My parents are elderly and whilst they still both have capacity their physical health is starting to fail. I’ve read a number of posts on this forum which have been really helpful so I’d like to say Thank you to everyone who posts on here. I’ve got some questions so I’ll be posting more but first I thought I’d say hello!

Hi Sandwich … welcome to the forum.

Elderly parents ?

Plenty of threads around to whet your appetite.

Standard question to kick off … are they on AGE UK’s radar ?


One site recommended to all … A-Z … and all stops inbetween.

Physical health deteriating ?

At this stage , CHC / NHS Continuing Healthcare … a possibily down the line ?

A real heavyweight but vital to know of it’s existence :

Just one more from me , home care services … what’s out there , and who provides them :


Wills . power of attorney . care homes , assests / savings . benefits , needs assessments … the forum is yours !


Welcome. Can you tell us about your parents or not? Have you requested a needs assessment yet?

Hi, I’ve just posted a question in the benefits, finances and funding section. :slight_smile:

Yep … and I have answered it.