Hello I am Jeanette

Hello I am new on here, but I have been caring for my daughter since 2002. In 2002 my daughter who was Nursing in Banbury, lost her partner who was serving in The Royal Logistic Corp. She had just found out on the 24th January 2002 after taking a pregnancy test that they were expecting a baby. He was in South Shields on Sick leave staying with his parents. He was suffering with PTSD, that night he took his life, by n overdose of tablet’s.I even to this day can hear my daughter screams as a fellow Nursing colleague of hers was telephoning me. Anyway, Caroline my daughter carried on Nursing until she was 6 months pregnant and then returned home to live with us here in Plymouth. She gave birth to a beautiful baby girl Charlotte, took up a flat when Charlotte was 19 months old and appeared to be coping.
But sadly not, when Charlotte was 7, Caroline had a most Severe Mental Breakdown. Diagnosis was the delayed shock of losing her partner, coupled with having the baby.
She had started to neglect Charlotte because of this, we feel, not intentionally, but because of her illness. So my husband and I were told we had the choice of bringing up our Granddaughter or she would be fostered. Well, there was no choice, so we are Caring for our Granddaughter as well, she is 19 this year and studying for A levels, hoping to go to University.
It has been extremely difficult, heart breaking watching my daughter who has attempted to end it herself a few times to be with her partner. There is a little light there now, a break through so to speak, improvement, but its all on a day to day basis with Caroline, Covid19 most certainly not helping. We are retired, but Not busier now than when working!! Thank you

That is so sad. Are any of you getting any support?

Hi Jeanette,

welcome to the forum. What a sad situation for your daughter - does she get any help?

It sounds like you did an excellent job raising your granddaughter, you must be very proud of her.