Health Assessment for work cability for disabled mum

Hello I’ll try and be quick.

So I received a letter and form towards the end of February regarding ESA . They want to know if mum is capable of work.
I sent the form with all her medical information, letters and emails explained her problems.

She had Major stroke she has
Drop foot right leg
Weakness in right leg
Memory problems
Poor eyesight
And right arm is immobile
Can’t move right fingers

Yet I received a letter asking us to attend a interview for a health assessment in LONDON. I’ve had to dealt with these people for year’s nothing surprises me but this did.

Why in London ? We live in Hounslow I’ve never been to their address before . Do they not understand or care how we would manage. I’m shocked and sickened.

I’m scared I have no idea what they are going to put my mum through.
And if they deem her workable what would happen.

I’m already pushed to the limit and this sent me to the edge. Of course they always send these Letters overthe weekend. So you’re stuck making yourself sick with worry.

Please tell me what can I do ?
Im sick with worry.
I’m just sick and tired of this. I hate it.

Hi Melinda.

An ESA medical assessment ?

I’ll let the CAB explain and advise :
Preparing for your ESA medical assessment - Citizens Advice

Perhaps PIP … and not ESA ?

Hi Melina,
I know exactly how you feel. Having completed Universal credit forms for S, he was then sent a work capability assessment form. Our nearest assessment centre is in the middle of a busy city, no nearby parking etc. I looked at the next nearest one, no parking there either. I think they do it on purpose to make it as difficult and stressful as possible. Most people need a work capability assessment are going to struggle with travel.

Here is a guide to alternative centres Find your assessment centre - Health Assessment Advisory Service just in case there is a more suitable one available.

I believe it is possible to rearrange the assessment once, if the original appointment isn’t suitable, (thought please do check this for yourself.)


Thank you everyone for the kind and helpful responses I really do appreciate it. Can’t talk to anyone about this. I’ve been trying to ring Dwp all week can’t get through. I appreciate the helpful links and not feeling so alone. Thank you all so much.

Looks like we’re going to London. Just anxious as hell.

Your welcome.

As mentioned … and given the health issues … PIP instead of ESA ???

Sorry yes it’s for ESA. Mum’s already had her PIP assessment. Sorry for not being clear.

She had her PIP assessment in 2017

No problem.

PIP … refused first time around ?

Join the low millions of rejections !

Appeal ?

One of the better links out there :

Challenging a PIP decision - appealing against the decision - Citizens Advice

Needless to add … SCOPE … online forum … in meltdown as to the number of threads on PIP !

They didn’t reject her on PIP. They did with DLA. Thank you I will check it out.

A question of appropriate benefits ?

ESA … a square peg for a round hole ???

Countess interviews … and the possible threat of sanctions … for a person who is NOT really fit and actively seeking work ?

Hello, yes my mum receives PIP and ESA. She got ESA nearly 7 years ago. That’s probably why this is happening. I do agree that she is in no position to look for work and wonder what will happen next. I agree I’m worried and feel what you have listed is what is going to happen.

Thank you for this it is extremely helpful.

PIP and ESA ?

The following link does not make very good reading :

Claiming PIP and ESA: “Horrific, inhumane, physically and psychologically massively damaging” - Turn2us

Regretably , such is life for many in 2019.

Thank you for your advice. It was very insightful and helpful. Sorry to hear about your experience. I hope all is well now.

Oh lord thank you for this link. And being so helpful and kind to not just me but everyone on here. Thank you. I will read this. I have to go to the doctor’s the assessment needs a letter from them.:rage::roll_eyes:

I appreciate all of this. I hope you know how kind and gracious person you are. You help everyone. Thank you. I hope you are getting it in return ?

Your more than welcome.

2019 … not a nice year … for virtually all the carer army … not forgetting their carees.

That makes 15.6 MILLION … assuming one carer for each caree.

Get your MP on board if you can. Make them aware of the problems and stress you are facing as your mams carer, plus the stress for your mam herself. With their help you may be able to get a home visit for the assessment.


Hi Melina,
Still waiting to hear back from Work Capability! They expect people to fill in the forms in a set time frame, but appear not to adhere to any time frame themselves! Apparently they have to backdate the extra, so S will get a nice bonus. Not much good to people who are on the breadline though, is it.


Sorry for the delay. The whole home visit required a letter. They gave me four days to get a letter from the doctor’s send it to them and await a decision. They said I would need to reschedule and get s letter from the doctor’s then they will decide if mum gets a home visit. In other words waste of time. Just wanted this over with. But I will contact mps after tollday. Thank you for the advice. Best wishes.

I completely agree always expect a response quickly but take forever to respond. I’m so sorry. I wish I can help ?