Health Assessment for work cability for disabled mum

So yesterday mum had the assessment.
We went to London via taxi. A taxi for disabled people.
Arrived the place was so dark barely any light. People looked so depressed and anxious. We filled out a form. Mum was incredibly anxious and upset

Next thing you know a woman who had a carer with her. Had a seizure.
Oh my goodness. Place went silent security scrambled to help . Me and mum were right next to her. I tried to help. And the people who worked there helped brought out those movable curtain things they have for hospitals for privacy.

Next thing you know, they called mum we could not be happier to be assessed after that.
She was so kind and lovely.
So nice we told her what happened she apologized to us for seeing that.
We entered the room. She was kind . Helpful. Mum came via wheelchair and had a walking aid. She took one look at mum and said " you shouldn’t be here, you had a massive stroke. Yoo not fit to work , I’ll make this quick so you can go home".

I was so shocked like I didn’t believe it. Within 10 minutes she was done asking questions booked and paid us a cab. She said how did we get there. I said cab. She asked I wanted to claim my expenses I said I couldn’t. Because I didn’t have a doctor’s letter.

She replied " they don’t give people enough time to get a letter from a doctor. It’s really strict the guidelines it’s ok. You clearly needed a cab to come here". So she got our travel expenses refunded. And it was done.

She seemed frustrated that they were sending people who are ill or disabled to her. I think these health assessors are overwhelmed as well.
The man who took us home was saying how he always takes sick people to this place. And he feels bad because he can clearly see they are ill. He even Said had to take a person who didn’t leave the house in 3 years because of his disability and he was immense pain.

I think people can see what’s happening. And the government are neglecting the vulnerable.

Me and mum were so sad and scared. But out health assessor was an angel. Even our taxi drivers we a absolutely lovely.

Advice for anyone traveling via cab. Get a receipt.
Thank you to all those kind souls who put my mind at ease. I cannot thank all of you enough.

So we’re waiting to here back.
Sorry for the essay.

Glad you were both treated with kindness and understanding. I hope you hear soon and the report is accurate and true.


Hi Melina, I have been following your thread and I am so glad to hear that you had a positive meeting in the end. The health assessor seems lovely! I’m glad to hear she was considerate with booking you and your mum a cab home too.

Thank you to all the forum members who contributed to this thread. You were all incredibly helpful and supportive!

Thank you very much. We were so scared. Hopefully it’s good news for both my mum and good news for you. Thank you for your kind words. And advice.

Oh hello wow thank you.
Yes I’m so appreciated and honoured she looked after my mum. I was worried and overwhelmed.
Thank you for this platform. It’s been a safety net for me. Thank you for your kindness and input.