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Dear Carers UK forum members

This year, Carers Rights Day is on Thursday 21 November. On this day and over November, individuals and organisations across the UK organise activities and events to help carers know their rights and the support they are entitled to.

To complement this year’s Carers Right Day theme, ‘Helping you find your way’, our Helpline Advisers Suzette and Danny will be answering questions on all aspects of carers’ rights and welfare benefits throughout the week commencing 18 November.

From today, you can post your questions on this thread and we’ll send your questions over to Suzette and Danny. You may have a question relating to your own particular situation or it could be a question relating to carers in general.

When you submit your questions, please be careful to not include any information that could identify you or the person you look after.

If there is anything you would like to discuss privately, please call the Helpline on 0800 8087777 (Mon – Tues 10am-4pm) or email

Best wishes and looking forward to hearing from you.

Please can you do a detailed list of DRE disability related expenditure which can be claimed from an LA and explain how to claim it? I’ve just discovered I’ve missed out on thousands over the last 14 years!

On Facebook on my phone, I read that from today, 9/11/19, wheelchair users will be entitled to a new Personal Health Budget. Please can you give full details?
I’m sure this will be of help to many carers, but must be one of the best kept secrets of the NHS!
My phone and I have a very unhappy relationship, I can’t find the original post.

DRE , BB ?

Recent reply to Penny’s post sets out the basics under that heading :

Said info appears on the Mencap site.

New personal budgets for wheelchair users ?

NHS site … full sp … and a lot more :

NHS England » Frequently asked questions

Chris, a recent Ombudsman’s decision has made me realise that I could claim for a lot more!

A washing machine, freezer, half the costs of our holiday accommodation when we go away, the care costs for holidays with day service providers which I requested, but was told “we don’t pay for holidays”, admission to all the attractions we have visited are just some examples I now know about.
I’ve often subsdised M to give him some happy memories, but cannot afford to do that any more. The full cost amounts to thousands.
According to the Care Act Guidance the authority is responsible for explaining what is claimable. Hampshire just say there isn’t a full list.
Needless to say, armed with this new information I will go back to them!

Good luck … just back on after a 25 hour power cut allied with a 2 feet high river passing my abode.

At least Worksop made the news on most sites … BBC even has some pictures of our new lake.

More of a request than a question.

Can the CUK team add their experiences to many of the current threads running on " Benefits and Allowances ? "

High time we on the forum are given more ammunition or … all benefit / allowance are kicked upstairs ???

For example , can they add anything to the DWP PURGE thread from their knowledge that is NOT recorded in said thread ?

I would add the main UNIVERSAL CREDIT thread to that list if it was not already too full of information … especially as UC has only infected 1 in 10 manors so far.

Biggest headache locally ? The percentage of other benefits lost when working more hours … 42% the highest so far … will probably rise if more work were available locally.

( When that steamroller starts up again , ALL BETS ARE OFF , it will be a flood of modern day biblical proportions ! One of the reasons I started that thread when I did … as a warning
to all who would take the time to read some of the postings thereon ! )

( I won’t mention DIRECT PAYMENTS … not a benefit but … a ticking nuclear bomb if ever there was one in CarerLand.

Anything crossed their radar since the McDermott case ruling ??? )


Got a letter from DWP about an appointment to check I am receiving the right amount of Carer’s allowance. Never had one of these before so any advice as to what to expect from this call would be much appreciated. The person I care for receives middle rate care and an application has been made for low mobility but no response to that at the moment.

Thank you in advance

Are there any updates on the government’s response to the petition appealing for more consideration of the financial difficulties faced by carers including the request for CA to be fair across the UK?

Any link for the petition , Michelle ?

If under 5,000 signatories , would be treated as an " Also ran. "

10,000 and … your in business.

( Even the FREE PUBLIC TRANSPORT one has struggled to reach 5,100 … and that would have benefited far more carers. )

Link to the petition?


Petition · Concessionary Transport For All Carers -They Require Your Help!!! ·

( Main thread … 27,500+ views … Petition · Concessionary Transport For All Carers -They Require Your Help!!! · )

I live with my wife and were both on state pensions i am a carer for my daughter who lives on her own as my pension overlaps carers allowance so will i be able to claim carers premuim or do i have to be claiming pension credit to qualify ?

Hi Paul, I’m afraid I can’t answer your initial question, one of our other members will be along presently who is great at answering this sort of question.

Would you like to tell us a bit more about your daughter, there may be other money available?
When did she last have a Needs Assessment, and you, a Carers Assessment, from Social Services?

Carers Premium / Pension Credit ?

Full sp from elsewhere on this site :
Benefits for carers who are pension age | Carers UK


Benefits for carers who are pension age.

Most carers who are pension age will be receiving a State Pension. There might be other benefits you can claim as a carer who is pension age.

Hi my daughter is mentally disabled and recieves pip higher rate disability payment i care for her 35 hrs weekly but because my state pension overlaps the careras allowance i carnt get the allowance but i am i entiled to an underlying payment carers addition of £36.85 a week ? Im bit confused as DWP informed me that i need to be claiming pension credit im slightly confused!!

How do I get a day off?

Hi Paul.

Answer lies in the link posted two replies ago.

Dare I mention NEW ZEALAND ?