Have you tried one of our online meet-ups? Why not join us next week

Each week we have a range of different online meet-up for carers. Coming up next week:

Panel discussion: caring for someone with dementia – Tuesday 28 November, 3-4pm
For this months carers’ panel discussion, we’ll be focusing on dementia and some of the specific issues related to caring for someone with the condition. We’ll be joined by Nancy Hamilton, Norman Phillips and Lewis Hornby, who will be discussing their personal experiences as well as insights from the work they have done beyond their own caring roles. There will also be opportunities for you to ask questions and share your own reflections and experiences. Book here

Photography competition showcase - Wednesday 29 November, 11-12.30pm
This summer, we held a Carers UK members’ photography competition on the themes ‘Nature on our Doorstep’ and ‘The World We Care In’. Join Becky Mursell, professional photographer and competition judge, and some of the winning and highly commended photographers, to take a closer a look at some of the wonderful photographs taken and learn a bit about some of the stories behind them. Everyone is welcome to join the session, whether or not you took part in the competition. Becky will also lead a relaxed photo related exercise or two, to get everyone’s creativity flowing! Book here

Weekly Hatha Yoga for physical and mental wellbeing with Sangeeta Bhandari, 5-6pm on Wednesdays this November
In this Yoga session you will be taken through gentle stretches to relieve your physical stress, breathing techniques to promote calmness, yoga poses to improve posture, and periods of meditation for relaxation. Sangeeta is an experienced yoga teacher who has trained for many years in India and taught worldwide. She will guide you through a different themed class each time, enhancing your understanding and experience of the holistic practice of Yoga. Sangeeta‘s practice focuses on a moving meditation with dynamic and static postures, that allow the body, mind, and breath to become one through explorative yoga poses, chanting, pranayama, meditation, and Yoga-Nidra. No previous experience necessary. Booking is limited to 30 participants.

Christmas Daytime Disco - Friday 01 December, 2-3.30pm (plus optional 30 minutes after for a chat)
Come and join us for a Christmas Daytime Disco session delivered by Pasna from Weekday Wow Factor! This will be a fun and energising session to uplift your spirits! We’ll have some upbeat songs to listen, tap feet or even have a wee dance to from the comfort of your own homes.

This session will have a yuletide theme so feel free to dress up…totally optional though. We’re taking song requests, so let us know your favourite Christmas (or other) song and we’ll play it! Due to time constraints, we’re only able to accept one song request per person (or two if the person you care for is also joining). Please email requests to membership@carersuk.org. Book here