Dr won't help!

Hi to all Carers here

I’m feeling rather desperate this morning!

I’m still having dreadful burning, itching, prickly, hot skin all over my body day and night; worse of a night. I have never experienced anything like it not ever!

One of the Dr’s from my surgery did a series of blood tests on the 15th of April and all was okay she said!?

I’ve tried to deal with this myself using Vaseline derma cream and drinking plenty of water.

All of this happened after taking antihistamines for 3 months for over production of mucus. I stopped taking them 33 days ago.

Out of desperation, feeling physically and mentally exhausted I phoned the Dr’s this morning to enquire as to what to do next. He appeared uninterested and said he would give me another antihistamine but in my opinion this has caused the problem with my skin and I explained this! He then said he would send a prescription to the chemist for anti itch cream!?

I ask about dehydration and he said I wasn’t dehydrated amongst other things as everything had been tested!

I spoke to a couple of chemists recently trying to deal with and understand this problem and it was explained that antihistamines can slow skin’s oil production, making it dryer in the process, which can cause dry itchy skin and should be given to older people with caution as the skin becomes more sensitive as we age.

Where do I go from here I wonder!

Thanks for listening.


First, talk to the Practice Manager explain the problem and say that you need help. If that is not available through the practice, ask what the procedure is at the practice to get a referral to a dermatologist.

Then, complain to the CCCG at his attitude, which “appears to indicate an urgent need for further training”!

Hi bowlingbun

Thanks so much for your advice; it means a lot to me. My Husband thinks the same as you do!

I went to the chemist that afternoon for my Son’s medication and managed to speak to the chemist. She made clear that these things take time and for the body to adjust and return to normal; I felt a little more confident after I spoke with her.

I am using Vaseline Derma care twice a day and I’ve been taking two dissolvable asprin after my evening meal and two with supper to help with the discomfort and I have to say that it is helping.

However if by the end of this month if all is not improving, I will have no choice but to phone my Dr’s again in hopes that I speak with a Dr who has more experience! I did ask for an older Dr last time but that was ignored!

Thanks again bowlingbun

Kind regards