Guess we are all in the same boat

I care for my 92 year old mum and work. It’s tough, but not as tough as some of you out there who have children with disabilities to care for.
I’m new here and just thought I’d say hi and what a tough time of year it is for us carers, with Winter here, Omicrom and Christmas responsibilities with the rest of our families when perhaps we are all very tired. Anyway Happy Christmas to all you fellow carers! We are the silent strong task force of the UK.

Hi Tiffany, welcome to the forum.
Yes, juggling caring with work, family, and then Christmas is a huge task.
I always breathed a sigh of relief when I took the decorations down and things got back to “normal” again! Especially the years when one parent of the four was either in hospital or just discharged, they seemed to have a rota between the four of them!

Would you like to tell us more about mum, and the care she needs? Does she live with you?

I’ve been a carer for over 40 years, now approaching 70 my biggest challenge is lack of energy. The family all remember how strong and fit I used to be, working until late into the evening. Now once I’ve had my evening meal, I just want to rest.