The member formerly known as nhs hater.

Perhaps all healthcare professionals and ex healthcare professionals should be actively barred from this site as they impede it’s raison d’etre.

Bye all.

Nice knowing you.

All the best for the future.

I understand NHShater has just had her post removed by Carers UK because of inappropriate language, which demonstrated her utter frustration.

I share her frustration, and I know many others do. It’s now three years since a poorly trained social worker wrongly wrote on my son’s support needs analysis that he “went home to his mother every weekend”. This has NEVER been the case since my GP insisted he went into residential care when he was 16. It led to 7 hours of dom care at weekends being removed, and it’s taken me three years to get them back.

Effectively, I have lost three years of my life. Every ounce of energy has gone into sorting this out. I’ve dealt with at least 20 members of Social Services staff during that time, but my efforts were not appreciated. The Corporate Complaints Department told the Ombudsman that I was a “Serial Complainer” and they were considering blocking my emails!!!

I came across the newish Carers Policy for Hampshire last night, sorting M’s paperwork in my bedroom as the lounge is currently out of bounds. It’s all a load of twaddle, or absolute bull***t.
NHShater is a fellow resident of Hampshire!

If we are not allowed to express ourselves openly and honestly, what’s the point of the forum?

I have no idea what has gone on here today, but I do know that many people come to this forum in times of high stress, and it’s particularly noticeable in those who join then come and go as their caring situation either rises or falls (often into despair)

I think we should make allowances for this. If we were face to face with most posters we would offer them a hug, or a tissue, or a cup of tea. The stresses that build up over years should not be ignored, and we should allow some venting. Most posters do apologise after a vent, venting can be helpful.

How can we support carers if we deny them access to the one free outlet and support many can get?



I also have no idea what has happened here, but 100% agree with the sentiments of BB and MrsAverage,

People come here in times of need and desperation, quite often anger. Gagging and silencing, hence forcing a really respected member of the forum to leave us…Lets just say it’s not good business.

I think you just get to a point when you feel so frustrated, so fed up angry with the system and can take no more.
I have spent what little time I have spare fighting bearucrats who are quite happy to ignore rules, that the complaints have to reply within 21 days, they don’t, I put in a furthur complaint. But I can’t put in a further complaint as my first complaint has not been dealt with, YES that’s why I am complaining.
Ah but I can’t do that why not, well the person who you are complaining about is on holiday, they should have contacted them before they went on holiday.

And the NHS give me a 200 page a4 pad I can easily fill it up.

All these social services, NHS and voluntary are there to help and support the disabled elderly and carers, well it doesn’t seem like it.

And are getting paid well, I live on ESA probably a fifth of the average wage and I see these wages all these are getting, staggering amount of money.
Someone seems to be sitting in a room never met anyone elderly disabled or a carer and are making up the most complicated difficult rules to cause maximum difficulty and problems.

Every day I faced battles and i have given up you just beat the system, you just have to grin and bear it, punch a cushion, play a computer game, shoot them up but then the next day the problems are still the same.

Just love one of these people to experience 5 per cent of the problems I face.

Like bowlingbun says I have looked at the carers policey, to ensure our unpaid carers are helped and supported, over 20 years never had any support, applied for £300 for a holiday, REFUSED.

What is the point of writing pages and pages of spiel then totally ignoring it.

Great shame to have lost you.

I am so sorry to have lost you as well as Jenny! There aren’t enough people on here as it is to help all those in need of help! Please reconsider!

Exactly! Only yesterday I was reading your posts and thinking how helpful they were, telling it how it is but also how to deal with it. A bad loss.

Thanks for all your helpful posts in the past Nhshater, another one bites the dust.

Hope all goes well with you.

Would the last one out please turn off the lights ?

Still 30p left on the meter.

That’s a can of beans for someone.

Following the responses in this thread to NHShater’s (nowD1706) goodbye message, I wanted to explain why we removed her thread yesterday.

This member started a thread with the title ‘I want to hit P’s district nurse and threaten to kill her’. This was in clear breach of our Community Guidelines which state that posts will be removed if they:

  • contain insulting personal remarks, are offensive, abusive or libellous or act in a way to cause harassment

  • make comments that misrepresent or damage the reputation of Carers UK, whether on the Carers UK forum or on any other public forum or site

  • are not constructive to the overall purpose and mission of Carers UK

On being asked again to change her username from ‘NHShater’ to a more acceptable name, the member then changed it to ‘Carers UK hater’. This member has therefore been suspended for a period of six weeks.

The Forum is of course a place where many carers can vent and share their anger and frustration, but the language NHShater used was clearly offensive. The Forum is a Carers UK service and we have a duty to maintain it as a welcoming and supportive community.

We’re really pleased that usage of the Forum has increased recently (in April we had the highest number of people posting for a year and the highest number visiting for two years) and we want to make sure that new members find it a respectful place to share their experiences and all the emotions of caring, as well as offering each other support.

We rarely have to remove posts and even more rarely have to suspend members, and I’m sure you will understand why we have had to do so in this instance.