Why has Carers UK taken to locking its posts of late.?

I refer to two recent posts in the covid forum where the posts have been locked thereby preventing any open response by forum members.

One is by Lizzie on a wellbeing for carers Q&A webinar session held April 9. Did anyone sign up and what happened? Was it recorded for people to watch later?

The other was from Michael citing a “blog” by Carers UK CEO Helen Walker.

It’s easy to think that neither Lizzie, Michael, nor Helen are interested in our comments. Hope that’s incorrect.


I find it strange when topics are locked

Thanks, Cloudygal.

I would be more accepting had the entries been posted as announcements in the announcements section, but they were posted as forum topics.

I also found it interesting to note just how relatively few views the posting on the CEO’s blog has received to date. I found it informative and well written. A good read in general, albeit at a high level.

I am utterly dismayed at the reluctance of CUK to engage with membership as they are too busy. With the suspension of the Care Act all the old protection has gone. A new post shows the dire effect already. An old person dumped at home, left soiled and wet, only to be readmitted. This is a SCANDAL! We need CUK to fight these decisions, after all human rights are still supposed to be respected!

If Carers UK are overwhelmed, have no clue as to how to respond or are just too busy, we, the people they are here to serve, would be better off knowing that!

CUK need to be seen to be tackling these new issues rather than claiming to be working their contacts unbeknown to us.

You asked for Carers UK to inform you of all media coverage they had obtained during this crisis. This they have done with the topics you mention. (Seems to me a case of damned if they do, damned if they don’t ?)

With the exception of our CEO’s blog the other topics you mention are posted in the announcements section of the COVID19 sub-forum, but not “globally” across all sub-forums as it was agreed to keep all COVID19 discussions/information in one place.

All of the “locked” topics in the COVID19 section were posted for information - if you wish to discuss/dispute any aspect of the media coverage or the information contained in any of these topics then you can post a new topic covering the points you have an issue with. The point of locking these particular posts is not too overwhelm/lose the links/information they contain with extraneous posts.

I realise that many of you believe that Carers UK could/should be doing more with regards to issues that specifically relate to carers during this pandemic, but Carers UK is a small charity and, in the main, I believe that they are doing the best they possibly can to keep us up to date/informed. and in trying to bring our concerns before Government.

Michael and/or Lizzie have replied directly to many of the postings and comments made within other topics - so, yes, that is an incorrect assumption.

Not that I would agree but I seem to have been put in my place by a moderator! XXXX

Not enough is being done for carers.

It is that simple.

We are not listened to.

The government does not care about us unpaid carers. Not a jot.

The situation with people in hospital is very concerning too. Being discharged without proper care

Where will it end.

This cornovirus pandemic has, brought to the forefront in carers minds more than ever how little we are recognised financially and emotionally.

A lot were already on their knees without this!

Its like a slap in the face.

On TV this morning they were talking about the millions being given to those who might be suffering domestic abuse in the current crisis.
What about those carers who have been forced to care at home against their wishes, could that not attract funding too???

It certainly should!
I can only speak of dementia and similar. The dementia sufferers may not know, or even remember, but they definitely can be abusive, it’s still abuse, and no respite for the person caring for them is equally as dangerous!
No respite, or support for any carer is dangerous, and very unfair.

Not at all Rosemary :slight_smile:

What I was trying to say is that, in these unprecedented times, CUK is doing it’s best to highlight the issues we face to government; whether government listens or not is another ball game altogether.

I don’t know if you or others are aware but if it wasn’t for Carers UK in it’s original format as the National Council for the Single Woman and her Dependants started by the Reverend Mary Webster back in 1963, there (probably) wouldn’t be any Carers Allowance. In 1965 she formed the National Council for the Single Woman and her Dependants. Over the next few years she showed an acute political instinct for choosing the right allies and with the help of some key political players the Council won the first ever legislative change with the 1967 Dependant Relative Tax Allowance; which led to the Invalid Care Allowance in 1976 – the first financial support for carers.

If you are interested in what CUK has done for Carers over the years to can read about it in the organisations brief history on the main website here https://www.carersuk.org/about-us/who-we-are/our-history/our-history-read-more

Carers UK is not some all powerful, mighty organisation that can order governments but a small charity dedicated to supporting Carers and I do feel strongly (as an ordinary member) that many members may under appreciate what CUK has done and what it is still trying to do for Carers. Hosting this forum is only one of the many ways they try to provide support. To keep berating them for what they haven’t been able to achieve in these very difficult times seems to me a pointless exercise.

Right, I’ve had my say and will now shut up :open_mouth:

Agreed Susie … to a degree.

Unprecedented times demand an unprecedented reaction.

It’s not only the Government that has been found wanting in several key areas in their response to the current crisis.

A nationwide carers card … the SHOPPING thread … a few postings long as opposed to a mini War and Peace ?

Times to bring in the experts to at least provide some form of answers to the questions being raised on the forum.


CUK need help ?

There’s 8.5 million carers out there with specialist knowledge on almost every subject one can name.

A whole army of former carers … still untapped to this day.

In that respect , CUK only have themselves to blame.

Coronavirus does not discriminate between carer / caree / disabled / elderly … nor should our supporting organisations.

An United Front to tackle an unprecedented crisis.

Purely hypothetical … if an United Front had been established early on , would the now infamous Coronavirus bill have had such an easy passage ???

And … that United Front would have represented around 18 million … even as high as 20 million … of the most vulnerable citizens of this country.

Come the Aftermath , are all supporting organisations prepared for economy recovery to be prioritized ahead of restoration of support services to be reviewed
under the precise provisions of the Coronavirus Act ?

And … if economic recovery takes years ?

It’s very disappointed to see that our comments are interpreted as “berating” paid officers. We are trying to help our fellow carers and most importantly of all, our carees, through an incredibly difficult experience.

For years, we have been led to believe that the government can’t afford more than £60 for Carers Allowance, now it seems to me that they have found a huge pot of gold and are happy to pay people to stay at home paying them 80% of their wages up to £50,000 for doing NOTHING.
They are even paying self employed people immediately who are pleading poverty. All I can say is that they are running a rubbish business if they are living such a hand to mouth existence. Yes, I HAVE run a small business for many years, so I know what I’m talking about!
Meanwhile some carers, students and pensioners are caring getting NOTHING AT ALL, EVER because of the rules!!

This forum is a way of airing common issues and in this crisis, a way of informing those in charge of CUK on an hour by hour basis about what is happening at ground roots level. The business concept of Top Down/Bottom up, bosses talking to employees, and employees talking to bosses, is well established. I want CUK to tell us what they are doing, but also want CUK to listen to what is going on here and now.
It’s not berating, it’s a plea to communicate with the membership, as well as the Press!

From the main part of this site :

1980s : A new charity

In 1981 a new organisation, the Association of Carers, was set up by Judith Oliver. She was a carer for her disabled husband as well as having a young family. She felt there was a need for an organisation to support all carers, not just those with elderly dependents.

An important early principle was that carers themselves are best placed to decide what help they need. > > This member-led ethos is written into Carers UK’s constitution to this day.

Fast forward to 2020 ?


You are absolutely right about the fact the government has suddenly found loads of money and yet wouldn’t pay us carers more.

This is what I find astonishing.

And what’s more, I am also worried that we will all end up paying for it via a lack of social care now due to the cornovirus act.

CUK I have said this before but you have been campaigning for a rise in carers allowance however it is a meagre amount. The campaigning was at the beginning of last year and has not been successful.

I honestly feel that there is no hope of things improving for carers.

And all the time that people are defensive and refuse to acknowledge the issues and instead make it about themselves then it is i am sad to say a lost cause.

Basically, we are on our own.

I didn’t realise CUK was a small charity.

Where does the funding come from?

Is everybody paid members of staff?

Also are the people on the helplines paid or volunteers?

Carers UK annual accounts … 2018 - 2019 … very extensive :


Seek and ye shall find.

I’m concerned because the moment the crisis started I was asked to bring my son home and look after him indefinitely with no support at all, even though all concerned knew caring for him makes me ill. For the moment he is at his flat, after I refused to have him home, but his care has been reduced by 40%. How long before I’m asked again???

Funding comes from donations, gifts in wills etc (you can see a breakdown in the Annual Report that Bill has provided a link to) - same as with most charities and like most charities this year I suspect that Carers UK is expecting a downturn in those.

There are paid members of staff but there are also volunteers. The helpline is manned by volunteers with back up and support from experienced salaried staff members. More volunteers always needed please ! Forum administration staff (Michael & Lizzie) are salaried staff also cover membership and recruit/oversee volunteers along with their administrative role on the forum. All forum moderators are volunteers.