Furloughing : Working Carers : The New Buzz Word : Also Advice For Those On Zero Hour Contracts

For once , a fairly good article from the Daily Mail on what this means in practice :


I’ve been furloughed: What does it mean, why are companies doing this and what happens next ?

The Government recently launched the coronavirus job retention scheme.

It enables firms to continue paying part of their employees’ salary.

Those staff get 80% pay up to £2,500 but would otherwise have been laid off.

But firms will have to ‘furlough’ their employees - we explain what that means.


Yes, a good article but may give false hope to some, as indeed has Martin Lewis. There is no obligation, for example, for employers to take someone back who had already handed in their notice or started after 28 Feb.

At present, the Government support lasts until 31 May but is likely to be extended.

I am working on this in my day job and we also have a firm of lawyers advising us as it is so complex. The best place to check is the link below as the Government is updating this on an almost daily basis:

Yep … nothing worse than false hope.

Said Government measure has several loopholes … some highlighted in the FAKE NEWS thread.

Government saying one thing , actual reality another ???

36,000 odd BA staff will find that out for themselves , shortly ?

Another source for information … the TUC :
Fixing the safety net: What next on supporting working people’s incomes? | TUC

If there are problems , they will definitely know !

In times like these , trade unions are worth their weight in gold … looking out for their members.

If any working carers are concerned about furloughing or other ways in which the coronavirus is having an impact on your ability to juggle work and care, please contact the Carers UK helpline at advice@carersuk.org for guidance and advice on your individual circumstances.


I was made redundant on the same day the government announced the furloughed scheme. The frustrating bit is that “apparently” there is nobody at head office that we can now ask if we can be re-instated and no sign of them sending out the P45’s which would allow me to claim carers allowance.
This isn’t a small company but a large chain of clothing shops aimed at the older end of the market who have treated the staff very poorly I think.

Both me and a colleague have sent them a letter in writing requesting we are furloughed or for them to put in writing why they will not…and the days just tick by with no money now coming in.
Very worrying times for so many people

Coronavirus : ‘I missed out on furlough payments by a day’.

n normal circumstances, the prospect of starting a new job would hold the excitement of a fresh start and, potentially, a better pay packet.

But in the midst of the coronavirus lockdown, thousands of people who moved jobs in the past month have found themselves caught in a web of financial hardship and stress.

That is because the recently-announced government support for workers specifies people can only receive wage grants if they started their job before the 28 February cut-off date.
As a result, people who would have been furloughed in their old jobs are facing uncertain futures and grappling with the benefits system for the first time.

Coronavirus: 'I missed out on furlough payments by a day' - BBC News

Along with Carers UK offering their Advice Team for SPECIFIC advice on individual cases , see Michaels’s post earlier , two more sources on GENERAL advice of what to do :

Working Families ( Contains a Q&A section ) :

Working Families | Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Furlough - Working Families



Locally , hard copies have been printed off and made available to the mutual aid group / food bank to hand over to those needing this type of information
as Internet access has been severely curbed due to the libraries / pubs / cafes now closed.

Major problem getting information out there … if there is no access to the Internet ?