Frail parent will not agree to pay for any care

Does a Health & Welfare POA allow you to arrange carers for a parent and set up pay them even though you don’t have a Financial POA and the parent will not agree to pay for anything? or are you screwed without both POAs?

Davina, the Care Act makes provision for this eventuality.
A local authority CANNOT refuse care because someone won’t pay.
I’d offer to find it normally, only I’m just home after driving 180 miles!!

Thanks Bowlingbun. This situation relates to my friend who lives with her Mum as full time carer. Mum just came out of hospital with no short term memory so constant calling. Ie no sleep or respite. Hospital did assessment on discharge but my friend didn’t need help with washing feeding etc just sleep and getting out to shop to which assessment said - we don’t help with that. She has asked for and awaiting another assessment in the community SS. Not sure what Mums income is but she won’t agree to pay for any care. I think my friend gets carers allowance etc but no income besides that so she can’t pay for the help but is exhausted with the 24/7 care.

Sadly, the time has come to consider residential care.
Unfortunately, Social Services don’t provide anyone to take over “night duty” which is what many carers need, so that they can get a good night’s sleep.
Who is managing her mum’s money? Is she aware of the DWP “Appointee” scheme, so that she can manage mum’s money without POA. This would enable her to use the Attendance Allowance to pay for some care, quite legally.

No I’m sure she isn’t aware. That could make all the difference thanks so much

Happy to help, I supported all four of our parents in various ways, it’s so sad to see our parents decline, however much it is a natural process. Many pay a heavy price for living far longer than 100 years ago. Would your friend join our forum herself?
If she doesn’t have internet access, suggest she considers getting it, and a tablet, so that she can feel more part of the world in general, even when stuck at home.