Former unpaid careworker plight

I am Nick, a former Unpaid Careworker. I say Careworker because actually that is the true role.

I have hadbyearsnof trauma and distress. Homeless status. Fightingbauthorities yet MP for my sterling work and stating people had fold him I deserved to be nominated for.MBE. All.I wanted.was helping hand. I now after being put.on street homeless in temp.acc going through Court as they are working so very hard to put me back where they put me before, the street. I refused an inappropriate property in 2017, they refuse meetings with third parties I have employed and make light if my disabilities Fibromyalgia and Mental Health…I have other conditions like hypersensitivity to transmitting noise. I apologised to these people for my Disabilities and.conditions even. It’s.complex. It seems.despite my charitable works in last few years and my saving the State approx 1m makes no difference. They put me in a pit, iI am a rat and have to stay there. Housing and support should be priority for Unpaid care workers especially when their work stops. Not be bullied and intimidated, crucified after.

So sorry to hear this. Sadly I really don’t think your situation is unusual. It doesn’t seem unusual for people to find themselves after years of caring when the person they have cared for goes into care or dies.

Can you give us a little more information and see if we can help?

Where are you living at the moment? Can you tell us a bit more about who you were caring for and what happened to make you homeless?

Best wishes and so sorry to hear your situation.

Hello and welcome

This is not rare unfortunately. I have no experience of that myself but I have heard countless stories from former unpaid carers. It makes me nervous. What about trying to contact your local MP again for help?