Former or current unpaid male carers


My Dad and I both lived with and cared for my beautiful Mam who sadly died last year on 09/08/2021.

I wondered if anyone might know of any grief support groups, specifically aimed at adult sons who have cared for their mother who lived with dementia and has sadly died?

42% of unpaid carers are male - 2.5 million men in the UK, but there is a distinct lack of male representation in carers groups. Because support groups can be predominantly female, men often feel they can’t openly share their experiences or get the advice that they need.

Are there any former carers here that have provided full time care for a parent? Specifically a mother that lived with dementia?

Many thanks.

Hi MoDo

So sorry for your loss of your mother, a hard loss to bear.
I am the wrong gender to help you, but I appreciate that it is harder for males to talk and express.
But please know that grief has no logic, it takes its own form depending on the bereaved and their relationship with the deceased.

I am guessing you have tried in the dementia website and forum to ask about this as well.

Please keep checking back for replies from others.

If you haven’t seen this section, you might be interested in reading some posts from former carers.