Forced from my home after 20 years as a carer


My name is Patricia

I was a main carer for my partner for over 20 years.

I’m wondering if it’s possible to communicate with someone about a very traumatic few years which led to me being investigated by police and forced from my own home.

My partner had MS and he, his daughter and his carers turned against me.

The police investigation was dropped as there was no evidence to support my partner’s accusations of fraud against me.

My partner hadn’t worked since about 2000 and I worked full time to support us both. I looked after him, sacrificed my time, my finances and my social life for many years.

I feel its vital that others hear my story and that this can be used to increase the support and safety of carers like me.

I also believe that main carers should be supported by the professionals and authorities. I was not listened to or supported as I should have been. For this reason I believe the ‘Carers Act’ needs to change.



Hi, I have deleted your surname to protect your identity. You may wish to change your username to a pen name. Melly1 (Moderator)

What fraud are you supposed to have done? Did you own or rent the house?

My partner had accused me of taking out a loan in his name, when in fact it was a small pension I had cashed in. The house was in joint names. I have to sell the house due to my partners children being named in his Will as being entitled to his share of the property.

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Do you have a lawyer or not? Sounds like a complicated situation for sure.

Unless he has now died the will is surely irrelevant. Since your money paid for the house surely you have more rights than him?