For those who claim CA and work - what’s your job?

I’m waiting to hear back about my applications for carers allowance as I’ll be looking after my mum who has Alzheimer’s.
But I need to work and understand the max you can earn per week is £128.
My question is what sort of jobs do you have?
I have a feeling I’m going to struggle to find something to stay under that £128.
Does temp / bank work count?

Many thanks :blush:

If it’s “earned income,” it counts.

On the one hand, it’s cool, but on the other-you can not work at all and get money-it would be just a buzz. And so, if you are not satisfied with something in your work, then I would just recommend that you find a new job that fully meets your requirements. At least, if something didn’t suit me in my workplace, I did it. I went to this web resource and found a new job with no problems.

I used to do part time care work -domicilliary