Carers allowance

Any advise would be much help.
I am getting ssp and not working due to helping caring for my mum been on sick for 8 weeks now due to my beautiful mum.
Can I claim CA
My wages is only ssp at mo I look after my mum up to 10 hours a day at mi .
When I go back to work my wage is 509 every month .
Can I claim bit may need to stop work so I be there for my mum
Kind regards
What is the most you can earn a month now and from april .confused…
Thankyou x

You can check here to see if you are eligible for Carers Allowance

The earnings threshold is currently £123 per week which will be increasing to £128 per week from April.

Donna, please don’t give up work until you’ve explored the options.
Tell us a bit more about mum, and we may be able to find a better solution. Now women have to work until they are 68 before they retire, it’s so important that you maintain a career if possible, because your caring role may end before you are entitled to a pension.
How old is mum?
What is wrong with her?
Does she own her home?
Do you live with her? This is really important, although it seems an odd question!
Do you have Power of Attorney?
Is mum claiming any disability benefits? (If not, you won’t be eligible for Carers Allowance).

My mum got M S.
I work part time 508 amount th been told you can earn 533 amount th so I qualify .
On sick due to mum care needs dont know what to do .my mum is my priority at mo.

You and mum both need to get used to having another person in your “team” because sadly, mum is going to need more and more care.

If you don’t get anyone else, you are going to get completely and utterly exhausted, mentally and physically. The more help you both accept the longer mum will be able to remain home. Don’t promise “I’ll never put you in a home” because you don’t know what the future will hold for either of you.

When did mum last have a Needs Assessment from Social Services, and you, a Carers Assessment? They should be done annually, or when needs change. You should be supported to keep working.

SSD should also arrange an Occupational Therapy visit, to make sure the home is as easy for mum as possible. Do you have a tumble dryer and a dishwasher? I couldn’t manage without mine.

Can mum do anything at all around the home?

Thankyou for your reply.
We are getting wet floor shower and stair lift in mums home soon via ss .
But my mum carnt really do anything .
Work are great but I need my job for me if that makes sense.
Yes we got mum a dryer dishwasher and even getting a ramp for wheel chair all in pla e.
My brother and his family just visit I am ok with this but I got a daughter whose 12 I am a single mum I do my best .
I have rang ca and says I will be entiled to ca with my wage under the 533 you can earn a month.
It’s not about the money but realistically it does.
Welfare rights say it would be best to go on uc and claim care element
But I need my own job
Feel so alone mum keeps saying dont put me in a home I wont carnt
Mum is 75
I am 50 so I am getting on too !!!

Thanks for the information. You have lots sorted already.

Why is mum in a wheelchair?
Are you living with mum?