Help re...earnings while on c/allowance


I need some advice please on my earnings while claiming C/A. Ive worked for the past 3yrs as a support worker for a young lady with learning difficulties. On average my wage is £300 per mth not including fuel expenses. Ive taken on a bank job as a support worker at a college. Because its ‘bank’ i get paid £10.25 p/hr but they keep back £1.34 hol pay which is all paid in August. So, im paid £8.91 p/hr as a flat rate. I work 6.5hrs at the college which ive calculated will take me over the £128.00 p/wk limit. However, i can ask payroll not to pay me for my 1hour lunch break. So therefore i should be under the C/A limit. I am on an 8wk contract which expires on 24th June.

What i need to know is will the DWP work out my hourly wage at £10.25 p/hr when each month im only paid at £8.91 p/hr? I dont want to go over the limit!! Also, as im on just an 8wk contract, if i did earn over the limit would it not average out over the year.

Hope this makes sense and any advice would be much appreciated.


Elaine, are you an unpaid family are for 35 hours a week as well??


Im a carer for my husband hence i claim attendance allowance. But i work as a carer/support worker. Main job is just 8 hours a week. New bankjob is 6.5 hrs per wk.


Sorry imeant carers allowance!!

Have a word with our helpline.
It may be that by starting a small pension and paying in £10 a week, to bring you under the incomes limit, you can keep your CA.

Hello Elaine

I would suggest you ring our advice line on 0808 808 7777 from Monday to Friday, 9am - 6pm or send an email to them at - they’ll be able to tell you what you’re entitled to and thresholds etc.

good luck Elaine