Foot washing am I being unreasonable

Hi, My Mum has a foot practitioner who comes in every month or so to trim her toenails, sort her corns out etc. In between times my Mum washes her feet with a sponge on a stick and a brush on stick. She will not get a walk in shower which would make life more easy for her.
Anyway prior to this lady visiting she always asks me to wash her feet and dry in between her toes. The problem here is that I dislike feet, it makes me feel uncomfortable and each time I’m nearly gagging. I’ve said that I cant go on doing it and she should ask the foot practitioner to do it and she’ll pay her extra or get a carer to come in and pay her out of her attendance allowance.
She said she doesn’t want and I should do it as I always have done.I think that no one should be forced into washing other peoples feet.

Hi Elizabeth,

I think you should be able to say what you are or aren’t prepared to do.

Perhaps your mum could have her feet soaking when the person arrives, then all they gave to do is dry them before they start.

A lot of folk feel strongly about feet - I have worked in school with teaching assistants who both love and hate feet . In our school the children had special needs and giving a foot massage was a great way of calming a child or connecting with them. Some teaching assistants really didn’t like doing this and some would volunteer every time, so you aren’t alone.


Thanks, that’s a good idea,I will suggest that.

Yuk! When I have a pedicure the beautician has an electric foot spa bath. Fills it with water and it bubbles away, very pleasant feeling. This is what mum needs to wash her feet regularly, not just occasionally! You do not have to do anything, it’s up to you to choose, don’t think you have to do what you are told, you are not a little girl who has to be obedient any more. I had counselling to help me realise this. Maybe it would help you too?

That’s a very good idea.I will get her one for her Christmas present, although she needs one now. If I got it now she would say that she didn’t want it.

Hi All,I bought my Mum a foot spa from Argos for Christmas and she has just used it with some bath/foot soak salts. She really likes it and said the her feet feel a lot better. Thanks for recommending this Bowling bun.

Hi Elizabeth, glad it worked out OK. Sharing ideas is what the forum is all about.

Elizabeth, that’s fabulous.


Hello and welcome!

No you are not being mean at all. My little brother was born with bilateral clubbed feet. I am happy to sit close by and help him if needed but he has to wash his own two feet himself. It is up to you. How do you feel about touching someone’s else two feet? If the answer is no do not yield. There are lots of other options for footcare anyway. What about taking him or her to a foot care shop? Or the DLF can help you. Look at their factsheets or ring them for assistance tomorrow.