Personal Hygiene

I have a problem that’s the opposite to most carers of parents who have dementia

Based on what I have read most people with dementia refuse to take a bath.

My mum has the opposite issue.

She wants to take a bath but the doctors and the occupational therapist have all said dont take a bath but to shower because she has had total hip replacements about twenty years ago or just shy of this

She has had a number of falls and will need one hip replaced a second time.

The medical people have said it’s too risky.

She has taught with me tonight over this.

She thinks she can get in and out fine.

Before her last fall and hospital stay back in April she went to the bath once a week but really struggled to get out of the bath and I end up trying to help her out of the bath. I cant continue to do this and a hoist isn’t right because it cant slide under the bath plus it’s a rented house so no house adjusts possible

Hello and welcome. Have you contacted the DLF (disability living foundation) to see if they can help or not?

I think that you might find this factsheet very helpful as well-

Alternatively you can ask your local council to get a OT to come and assess your mom’s property and then present you with a report detailing their findings. You can use that report to get adaptive bathing aids and equipment for your mom.

She needs a rise and fall bath seat. My mum used one for years with hip and knee replacements. Social Services OT arranged it, so free!

How are you getting on?