Flushing the loo

Coronavirus: Flushing the loo can create a cloud of virus particles which the next user might inhale, warns study
A new study warns that virus particles in the faeces of infected people could be ejected into the air when toilets are flushed.

so back to the bushes and trees i supose

the toilet cleaner companys have been saying this for years, a spray of germs flys up when you flush the toilet.

Shut the lid, go out the room and use a broomstick to flush the toilet.

You can get a remote flush, not joking you get a remote control for your toilet.

remote flush then councils will have to look into this as well for public toilets

Some shops have got this Remote flush, you just wave your hand over the sensor, so don’t need to touch the handle.

I have seen a few disabled people have these fitted as well.

Just makes it easier than trying to reach and push down the handle at the back of the toilet.

Sometimes seen at airports.

Time to invest in broomstick makers?!

Only so much one can do.

On a joke note. We all need a laugh in Covid-2020 times.

Mums carers regularly leave my toilet in a total mess. Poo stains on the seat extender and wee on the floor. Since they found out I have a second toilet they have taken over it, I’m assuming because they don’t want to touch the main toilet they have messed up…

Today I weed all over the carers toilet and stopped providing toilet roll. KARMA

I know that’s not funny, but it is to me who has been wiping wee and poo up for the past year…


Today I weed all over the carers toilet and stopped providing toilet roll. KARMA

That is definitely Karma. Good for you.

I would tell them the second toilet is out of order or is for family only.