Weakness in hands/wrists and a weak grip

Good Morning Folks

I am just over 50 years of age and was born with a lot of health issues.

I have a severe weakness on the right side of my body. Over the years this has resulted in increasing weakness in the hand, fingers,wrists and generally gripping.

This has resulted me in not being able to use household maintenance tools (screw drivers, hammers, chisels etc) properly.

Has anyone, or do you know anyone who has experienced similar problems?

How did you or someone you know overcome this problem and how did you/they gain more strength in the hands/wrists and gripping objects?

Do you or someone you know use any special type of household maintenance tools?

Thanks in advance for your responses.

Hi Majinder,
As your GP/ consultant to refer you for an occupational therapy appointment, they will assess your functional skills and the difficulties you have with everyday living and recommend AIDS and adaptions to help. They will provide these on long term loan to you. If you are having problems at work, ask to referred to occupational health, they will recommend what is needed and your employer will need to purchase these aids. If your employer is a small company then there may still be grants available - this used to be through Job Centre Plus.


I’ve got weak and sick wrists, cause of arthritis. Making warm salt baths for hands help a bit to reduce pain, probably it has health-maintaning effect. I buy himalayan salt .

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You need to support your hand with either or both hand and wrist straps. As stated above an O/T is your best place to start.

You could also ask to G.P. to do a referral for an O/T assessment.

In supporting you hands and wrists this will help with hold and grip. A chemist will supply such item but through the NHS you will get a few free items. Which will also lead to further future assessments. Help’s to be keep in the system as thing may deteriorate. Wear and tear etc.