Financial assessment

Here’s a question that has possibly been answered before but I can’t find the answer…
Regarding income for a financial assessment for my wife who’s savings are considerably lower than £23000,would my private pension be taken into consideration even though it’s in my name ?

No. The rules are clear. It is YOUR choice as to whether it is done jointly, or individually, not the choice of Social Services!!!

Thanks Bowlingbun, that’s reassuring to know :slight_smile:

Never EVER believe what a social worker tells you about financial assessments!!

I reclaimed £8,000 from Hampshire on mum’s behalf when they didn’t apply the rules properly after she moved into residential care, but only after I attended an incredibly hostile meeting in Winchester, to meet the Social Work Area Manager and his line Manager.
I have 40 years accounting experience, studied Contract Law at degree level, I wasn’t going to let them bully me, even so it was not an experience I’d wish to repeat.
Every time I opened my mouth to give my version of events, the senior manager interrupted me.
After the fourth time, I stood up and said there was no point in me staying if she continued with this behaviour.
She was stunned, not used to being stood up to like that!

Proper financial assessments in Hampshire are not done by social workers, but from the Financial Assessment staff.
Usually by a Visiting Officer, they have their own areas and so it was usually the same person for both my mum and my son.
They have always been very good (not often I praise HCC!) but these staff understand the rules, bank statements, etc.
I’ve dealt with them both with mum’s domiciliary care, before she went into residential care.
My son with learning difficulties also has assessments every few years.

My top tip would be to do your homework in advance of any visit.
Ask in advance of a visit what information they want.
Take copies in advance of their visit of everything requested, bank statements etc.
Then put them in a file in the same order that they request them in.
As the Visiting Officer asks you for it, one by one, just give them the copies.
They will love you for doing this, it makes their work so much easier.
Everything will be recorded on an assessment form, and at the end of each visit, you will be given a summary of their findings, and details of how they arrived at the amount you have been assessed as having to pay.
If they don’t do this, it hasn’t been done properly!

I think the rules are all in the 2014 Care Act Regulations, or Google “Charging for Residential Care”.
If I’m introduced to someone at a party I forget their name immediately, so embarrassing.
I’m better at remembering documents like this!

That is excellent information,thank you…

I am finding it increasingly difficult to believe anything i am told now from all agencies involved.
My wife was discharged on Friday and the care package is not fit for purpose… i have struggled since then despite numerous phone calls, do these people actually do anything ? i am beginning to wonder ?
The Bank holiday weekend has not helped but i have had no support other than words.
Private care starts tomorrow thankfully as i cannot go on like this.
I am not convinced that will be enough so i may have to go down the route of refusing to do anything and see if that gets a response from the powers that be ?

Discharged from hospital on a Friday with useless care package unfit for purpose. I’ve met that one too!
Ring the hospital, and ask to speak to the CEO, or whoever is in charge today. There is ALWAYS someone in charge!
Use the words “unsafe discharge” and insist that the care package is upgraded IMMEDIATELY.
(Social Services are required to have a team to support patients in the community so that they don’t have to be admitted to hospital.)
Hospitals can be fined for unsafe discharges!