Financial Assessment treatment of SERPs

I am requesting the Financial Assessment is reviewed. This is for a Direct Payment for respite.
The original one only allowed the council tax to be set against my husband’s income.
It is agreed I should get one but there is a delay because of which LA Dept. pays
Short term or long term. My husband has Vascular Dementia and dysphagia.
Since I enquiered last November and assess in March he has deteriorated but I am reluctant to say he needs a carehome.

All of the SERPS part was taken as his income BUT should he die I would inherit 100% should we divorce I could claim half.
We are in our eighties so when I worked there was no pension for women, the NI was based on a married women’s status. When that change to the right to pay the full NI I was advised three times that it was not worth it with our 5 year age gap. This was bad advice.
We have always worked as one unit. My husband paid in full SERPs as it would provide for a shared old age or if one was left the other would have income.
I am appealing but verbally have been told the SERPs is taken as his income.

This means if this happens I could not run a small home on my income.

I would be grateful of any advice the local CAB could not advise.

Hi Alice.

Advice if the local CAB could not help ?


Web page on financial assessments :
Financial Assessment for Care Explained | Age UK

( HIGHLY RECOMMENDED as they will talk through ALL aspects of your present situation … including a potential move into a
care / nursing home … together with the supplementary issues like power of attornies / wills / housing / benefits etc. )

An outsider at … 20-1 ?

Daily Chuckle … Daily Mail … Ask the experts section :

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Has anyone mentioned / offered CHC / NHS Continuing Healthcare ???

Definately worth exploring !