Financial Assessment

My wife and I have just had a financial assessment and to say i am at a loss for words is an understatement.
Wife gets DLA high mobility medium care and ESA Contribution based.
I receive CA and Income Support top up.
In receipt of full HB and CTax benefit.
We have only just got external help (after 8 years) with LA providing care of 5 hours per week.
The financial assessment has concluded that we need to pay (£53 per week) towards care.
How are we supposed to afford that when we are just about getting by now?
I have managed to get a job full time and am just waiting on a start date. Assessor advised that when i start work we can be reassessed and my income will not be taken into account and therefore we wont have to pay anything towards care.
What do we do in the meantime?
It seems stupid that as i claim carers allowance we have to pay for the care that gives me a break.
Any info or advice greatfully received as wife wants to stop care.
I think we should continue and ask for a reassessment when i have a start date. Then go for direct payments (Assessor says they might not give DP if an outstanding care debt is on the account).

Hi Nikki.

A recent thread will be of use here … LA cutting back support services :

As you will read , millions have been affected.

If you need any more ammunition , let me know.

Thanks Chris but i just think we are screwed. The Assessor advised we get rid of the motability car and opt for the money instead. Bearing in mind that the car is the only one we can fit my wifes electric wheelchair in due to its size and weight.

I am also not sure how the info you provided can help. Its how the rules work apparently!

Yep … welcome to the state of caring in 2019 !

Challenging your financial assessment

Calculating the value of assets for means-test purposes can be complex, so many people get independent legal or financial advice before challenging a decision.

There are very strict rules about how much you should pay for long-term care, and many local authorities have arrangements that are more generous than the guidelines set out by government.

Still, if you think your assets have been overvalued or you’re being asked to pay for more than you should, you can ask for a review of your case.

Disability Rights UK Factsheet No.3 sets out virtually the same in greater depth :

If you elect to go down the challenge route , CAB are recommended :

I would imagine that such challengers are a fair percentage of all matters now handled ?

I have decided to go for the reassessment once i have a start date. We will need a care reassessment anyway.
In the meantime , we can rack up a nice big bill.

Therein lies the advantages of a challenge.

If found in your favour , charges now deemed levied in error refunded ???

Having said that , how long does a challenge take ?

Open question to any reader who has done so …

Did they give you written details of how they made this calculation? If not, it needs to be done again.

Make sure you get all the allowances for heating, extra laundry, etc. etc.