Finances when caring role stops

Hi there, I am new to this Carers forum, am finding lots of information out, wish I had known sooner…Lol, and some of the stories - well… My son, 25, has just moved into Supported Living, as, due to injuries myself, I can not do his care. I have claimed Carers Allowance and worked up to the amount allowed. So have had to give up Carers Allowance, still work 12 hours. However, obviously, this is not enough to live on. Physically/mentally can not work more. Tried to claim UC, was told am entitled to £9.73 a week. Still not enough to live on! My sons car needs to go with him but I have never been able to save up for a car, let alone now afford to run one. How do ex carers manage? Where is there information? Have done Job Centre, Disability Resource Centre, CAB, Age UK… It is shocking how badly carers are treated!! Tia.

Hi @Lodge25

Unfortunately and unfairly many former carers find themselves financially struggling after caring ends.

As you have health issues have you tried applying for PIP? Have a look at the criteria and see if you think you qualify.

If you can bear another helpline you could contact the Carers Uk one:

Our telephone Carers UK Helpline service is available Monday to Friday, 9am-6pm on 0808 808 7777 (including bank holidays, with the exception of Easter Monday). Alternatively, you can contact our Helpline service by emailing at any time.

Hi Melly1, thank you. I have contacted but could not answer my question, was advise to come onto this forum. Have been to see my MP today, even he could not answer my question - suggested I work more hours…! No,I have carers burnout!!

@Lodge25 that’s no help is it. Its a desperate situation. I emailed admin earlier asking if they could send you any advice too.

Hello @Lodge25

In response to your post last week we’ve added some additional content to the following page on our website on ‘Finding financial support after caring’.
Life after caring | Carers UK

I hope you and others will find this helpful.