Feeling lost and helpless

Im a carer for my dad, he has a brain injury that has changed his personality. He has a serious temper that can be genuinely scary but it only comes out when he’s triggered. I feel helpless as he’s a danger to himself in these moments, he doesn’t care about consequences and its usually me mopping up the mess. I’ve reached out for help mulitple times but all I get told is there’s nothing they can do. I’m scared I’m going to spend the future constantly worrying and fixing his messes, any advice or info would be greatly appreciated

Hi Chloe, can I ask who do you reach out to?. Do you have to be his carer alone or could you have someone to be a carer alongside you? Adult social services can help you with this if you do not know where to start. It seems a lot to take on board yourself. I am meaning someone part time that could help you in a way that you need. I think it would be worth a call to see what they could offer. Your dad would be assessed both health and financially. Then they would set up a care plan for you. Give them a call and see where it takes you.

Good luck

Hi Chloe,
Can I ask how old you are?
Do you have any other family members helping you?

Hi Chloe,
I really relate to your experiences. My partner is suffering from a traumatic brain injury too and when she is afraid and triggered she turns into someone completely different who I feel that is always hard to reach. It is a very frightening thing when someone you love is going through those sudden switches in mood. It can make you feel on edge and like you can never relax. It’s tough but I am sure it will get better. I am available if you ever want to chat