Feeling guilty for being snappy and tired

Hi ,
So I’m feeling guilty as the past week Iv been more snappy at my husband that I care for as I’m doing so much and feel like a maid and I’m fed up .
But I think with all the stress we are under with illnesses and caring and chores I think Iv made him feel pretty bad but I don’t mean it .

Do you ever have organised “time off”.
You just need time to recharge.

That is understandable, when we are tired, stressed or ill we aren’t at our best and some of our worst can come out.
Don’t feel guilty and don’t let it fester, clear the air with him and recognise there could be such times and make up and move on.

Oh gee I know it can be the worst caring for someone when you yourself are not feeling well! I’m a carer for my mum and I remember one christmas we both came down with what I think must have been the flu and it was brutal but all I could manage was making food and drink. Just beans on toast was all I could manage to make or keep down. Every movement was pure torture when every movement made me wanna throw up. :sick: