Feel so anxious

caring for my husband he had to stop work due to psoratic arthritas and ankolysing spondalites he gets pip that covers his car without it we wouldnt get out
we get no help from the state because of 20000 savings finding things hard we both worked all our lives but now feel we will loose everything

Hi Jane, contact citizen advice, they will be able to help you. Usual thing if they don’t have to give out if you got money.

You may get some help from Social Services. Ask for a Needs Assessment for him and a Carers Assessment for you.


This is my advice to you. Good luck. Make out some brief summary notes on his care needs in order to start off with. Request a care needs evaluation from the local council in addition here. You can surely do this. Breathe in and out as well. Research local care providers in question and take it from there.

Take a look at their websites too. All the information will be provided free of cost. You need to find it. Read the latest care quality commission report with a glass of wine. Read past the lines of the official report. Ask for recommendations.