Due to me having a private pension we do not get any help

I am my husband’s carer and I get a private pension we get no financial support from the government other than mine and my husband’s pension and PIP. I do the caring willingly but I save the government thousands of pounds per year yet still cannot get any support. We do not even get help with dental care and can no longer afford this. This is a disgusting situation we find ourselves in. It seems it does not pay to be a hard working individual from the age of 15 because the government just abandons you

A lot depends on your savings - if over £46,000 jointly or your husband has over £23,000 on his own, then Social Services expect you to fund your own care. These sums haven’t gone up for a very long time!
Some things are free via the NHS, but it really depends on what is wrong with your husband. If you would like to give us a bit more information here, we may be able to help. For a confidential chat, Carers UK has an excellent helpline.

I would suggest that you ring the Carers UK helpline for a confidential chat about benefits and finances, they made me £50 a week better off, so I like to sing their praises now and then. The Carers Allowance Unit said I wasn’t entitled to Carers Allowance, but they didn’t know their own rules. The helpline gave me all the information I needed to make a successful claim.

Hi Steven. Welcome to the forum.

I know how you feel. My husband suffered a stroke and we lost our business for while I dealt with the admin side, I needed a medic and couldnt anyone qualified who could work for us and no time to sell it. He was able to claim his State Pension but had no private pension. He now gets Pension and Attendance and I get Carers Allowance. Other than that I have 2 tiny pensions - about £125 a month. Luckily he had a legacy from his Dad and we are living on that. No other help - I keep seeing details of reductions available but we dont qualify for any of them either. I cannot get a job because he has had several further illnesses since the stroke. I cant leave him for more than a couple of hours and even then I worry if he is OK.

It stinks doesnt it?


Hugs. It hurts. I was in and out of a hospital ten years ago at seventeen for several reasons. One of the reasons was about the lower half of my body. Other reasons included other things. I would perhaps see if citizens advice office can help. Give them a call or write a email tomorrow in order to discuss everything. Best wishes. Tell us more about your family finances.