Family meeting for hospital discharge

Hi All,
We have a family meeting with the hospital tomorrow.
Basically they want my FIL gone in 2 weeks -which is how long they say the process will take

Can anybody advice what I should expect and what I should be saying?

(nb so far the hospital have done a CHC checklist -with no consultation, as per my other thread).

PS I hope everybody is somehow managing to cope with the virus -my MIL is really scared and is convinced she will get it, she has a lung weakness, but fit otherwise.

many thanks

I read the Governments Cornivirus bill yesterday which seems to be suggesting that things like Continuing Health Care Assessments won’t have to be done in hospital and can be done after discharge.

As I understand it’s only a bill at the moment and not law.

It also suggestions that LAs wont have to meet all eligible needs. This is concerning.

But we are in a state of emergency.

Let us know how the meeting goes.

The meeting was somewhat overshadowed by coronavirus. The ward has been told they need to discharge people quickly.
TBH I found the whole thing loaded with emotional blackmail -they were saying if we dont find somewhere very quickly, my FIL may just get discharged to whatever home the NHS finds, just to get rid of him.

Firstly the discussion was he wont get CHC we can tell you that now and he is over the means tested threshold. When I said there cant be any means testing until the CHC is undertaken, she said that my FIL didnt have sufficient medical needs to get CHC, so the advice was that it would be refused anyway.

She did finally admit that we couldnt be forced to pay until a CHC assessment had been done, but then used the argument that if covid-19 issiue meant a rapid discharge, they would have to continue paying but ‘your FIL could end up anywhere, possibly miles away’

My MIL is looking at a home which is 250 metres from her house, but its around £6,000 per month and they want proof there are sufficient funds available for 2 years!

interestingly that care home said they would require a Covid-19 test done before he could be discharged to them.

Look at the CHC “Framework”. It says that the human right to a normal family life means that they MUST find a place that is near enough for family to visit.
Tell the hospital that in view of mum’s age and frailty, that you want dad to go to the home she has found. Don’t worry about the fees, because CHC will have a different rate with the home.
They still have to follow procedure. It’s not good them saying dad’s needs aren’t high enough, they still need to complete the checklist and involve you in the process.
Now write to the Chief Executive, and say that you want dad to go to the named home. It is in the interests of all concerned to get the CHC assessment done asap!!
How much money dad does, or doesn’t have, is NOTHING to do with the hospital.