CHC checklist and preparing for discharge

Hi All, (this kind of follows on from my thread ‘care assessment’).

my FIL is in hospital, he has Lewy body dementia, late stage

the hospital has completed a CHC checklist, they asked my MIL to confirm she was happy for them to send it off…
I presume the outcome is there is no need for a full assessment and self funding is the automatic option.

and they are talking about wanting a “family meeting”.

if anybody can advise on what I need to prepare and what to expect that would be most helpful.

I think he qualifies for severe rating for movement as he has had a fall in hospital, they wont let him up without physio present and use a device to transfer to chair also has alarm tag when in chair.

TIA Robin

Just add some detail:

the checklist was completed without informing the family and it was presented to my MIL by requesting that she consent to it -without explaining what that meant.


Unlawful! It needs to be done again and you need to be present to advocate for both parents!


Hi, many thanks, Ive looked through the 2018 national framework and I can see exactly what you say here:

94. The individual should be given reasonable notice of the intention to undertake the
Checklist, and should normally be given the opportunity to be present at the
completion of the Checklist, together with any representative they may have.

My MIL was given a copy of the checklist and was asked if she consented to it being submitted, which she did unfortunately. I guess I can tell them its void and to start again though.

As you can see, they do have a get out clause.

Yes thats true, although there is no get out in the first line and they havent given reasonable notice as only told after.