Fairly new to caring role...carers allowance

Good morning! I am Issie and retired from nursing ( public health role) in 2018. My 95 yr old Mum now lives with us, who has mild Alzheimer’s. She is only aware that she has memory problems. However, her decision making was also becoming an issue and some self neglect, so my Twin sister and I encouraged her to have some tests. She agreed to live with us in 2019 and I am so thankful she did prior to the current issues of Covid. :slight_smile: I get the Carers allowance as I am 61. I spend some of this on a back massage every 3 months as this helps relieve some of the tension that builds up subtly, even though Mum is easy to look after, compared with many. What I cannot get over is that it seems that after 65 or whenever you receive your state pension, this stops!! it’s as if caring stops at this age, but in fact, if anything it becomes harder as one ages; less fit, more likely to have health problems of your own. :dry: I would really like to see the carers allowance expanded. Not just for my own
gain! There are so many out there doing a fabulous job 24/7. Many struggle stoically.
I saw Mum struggle looking after my Father for many years, who had Alzheimer’s … she just said that he is my Husband and it is my duty to look after him…it actually got to the stage where My Sister and I took it in turns to stay over one night a week to give Mum a break…Dad’s urinary catheter often leaked at night or blocked or he didnt sleep. This is another reason why we haven’t told Mum she has Alzheimer’s …she saw Dad struggle and his behaviour change and she found that very difficult. She would be mortified to know the diagnosis, other than memory problems.

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I (and most likely the majority of carers) wholeheartedly agree it is ludicrous that a) carers allowance is such a pittance and b) it stops at pension age.


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It appears a battle as unpaid carers we will never win. As the Government just state there go to flag ship benefit Universal Credit. The government thinks the answer to this question. If you do have enough to live on apply for another benefit. They totally miss the point.

As the answer to everything re any benefit/s. As is the 1950’s born females without their pensions. All waiting with much anticipation for their 66 birthday.

At the CUK AGM in 2004, in the days when members could put motions forward, I put one forward suggesting that Carers Allowance should be available to all, regardless of age or occupational status. My motion was passed almost unanimously. Little has happened since.
I said that carers are modern slaves, with no right to time off (my friend in Australia was caring for her mum, had a guaranteed 6 weeks off, bookable well in advance, so she could come and see friends in the UK). If anyone else does what we do, they can be paid for it by Social Services etc., but when we do it, it’s not considered to be “work”!