Experiences of Vascular Dementia

Many people on this board will have first hand experience of this, I was only informed a short while ago that my Mum has Vascular Dementia.

The internet says that gives her roughly five years to live before a stroke or heart attack, I’d much rather hear and accept advice from others who have experienced this first hand.

Mum always recognises me and we have a laugh together, My Sister recently said she doesn’t think Mum recognises her anymore or realises who she is, but I put that down to the fact she has been a “no show” for the past three years…

Today Mums Carers put Mum in bed and she just seemed confused, I had to re-introduce the carers and explain why they were there. Is this usual?

Not a straight answer to that Stephen.
Each individual is so different, as I have witnessed at my husband’s nursing home. Many have vascular dementia, and whilst some behaviours are similar, others are so so different. Each day can be different too. Vascular dementia declines in a step like fashion, so sometimes a sudden large step happens. That’s when it hits my family and myself to be honest. Yes, some days you have to explain, who, why what etc as though its the first time. Other days not.
Times scales are different too, for survival. But then timescales for every single one us is unique to us isn’t it,whether fit and healthy or not.
Treasure the lovely times, and the not so good, you will cope with.
I’m sure others will be along to give their own experiences.
Its a difficult time for me at this stage.

Hi Stephen
Sorry to hear about your mum’s diagnosis. I completely agree with Pet in that Vasc Dementia is far less predicatble than Alzheimers both in time scale and symptoms. When you consider that it is caused by vascular events in the brain, it can affect any area of the person or personality. My father had Vascular dementia but his memory remained pretty clear up until the last 6 months when he tended to drift back to his boyhood days. He recognised his family pretty much up to the last couple of months and may be right up to the end to a degree.
Thje timescale also varies hugely depending on how early Vascular dementia is diagnosed. It is often muddles up with “getting old”, UTIs and infections which can all cause confusion and delerium.
I rec ommend you look at the Alzheimers Society website and forum called Talking POint. Please don’t be put off by the name as they discuss all types of dementia and not just Alzheimers… They do a lot of useful information downloads on all aspects of dementia. I will post some links for you.

Also click on the “Get Support” tab but can’t get link to this

Thanks guys,

Pet, my heart goes out to you and your Husband. Thank you for the advice, hearing it on this board is ten times more valuable than reading it on Google. Mum has been home with me nine days now and its going well and I truly do treasure every moment with Mum.

Henrietta, I was only told Mum had Vascular Dementia when we were trying to bring her home and the Nursing Home were playing dirty tricks to keep her. While I know deep down something is wrong, Mum is now registered back with her original GP, so I guess its worth asking for her opinion?

The Alzheimer’s Society are Great, they actually had a drop in centre in my local high street today.

Hi Stephen. I’m glad your mother is doing well at home with you. Sorry about her recent diagnosis. I recall reading here that, once a formal dementia diagnosis has been given, that one can claim relief from council taxes. I expect BB and others and the local authority will be able to advise.