Exhausted Not Sleeping Councelling

It has been some time since my caree passed away, I was caring basically full time, no support supplied at all.

I am just not sleeping, I am constantly tired but can’t sleep or do sleep but wake up still tired yawning through the day.

How long?

How long is this been going on for?


I know you care for quite a few people, are you referring to the loss of your friend around April time?

Sleep deprivation is awful. You must be exhausted and you are still caring aren’t you.

My first suggestion is to go back to the GP for a short term solution (meds.) I was worried about taking sleeping medication whilst caring many years ago, but my GP reassured me and prescribed something that would help me to sleep but allow me to hear my caree and see to their needs in the night if needed. Secondly, try Cruse for support, (I believe a forum member couldn’t use their email service as it was inundated, but hopefully you’ll have more luck with their local support service.

In the meantime, don’t bottle things up, we are here if you need us.


The widows forum “way up” recognises that the six month time is the very worst, so don’t beat yourself up, what you are going through is quite normal, although horrible. There is no shame in asking your GP to help you relax more, and sleep more. I found very gentle medication (not knock out) was very helpful. Then you will gradually be able to let go of all the incredible stress you have been under for a long period.

My G.p. has been incredibly unhelpful, does not understand at all about the unpaid caring role, that I should contact Social Services.
Same g.p. as my friend surely they should realised and made sure I was receiving support.
But no nothing to do with them.
I have contacted Social Services at every stage of my unpaid carer journey, no help has ever been supplied.
Gone through complaints and the ombudsman, and the carers centre wasn’t much use either.

They are always doing training at the doctors surgery, do they train about unpaid carers?
My G.p. should have referred me for councelling but didn’t, I now have to wait 5 months for help.
If the g.p. had referred me for help straight away I would be receiving help now.

My first Christmas without my friend, every year I went around, made sure he had a good Christmas.

Will go light a candle for him at the local church.

So no help from the G.P. or social services or the local carers centre.

Yes I am still greiving upset but still caring for my wife and others.

You are in my prayers.