Essential caregiver visits to care home

After weeks of discussion, my aunt’s care home has agreed that she can have me as an EC. She’s moved hundreds of miles from home and I’m her only regular visitor as well as her POA.

Obviously I want to comply with all infection controls. However they are insisting I have an LFT test on a daily basis even though I’m shielding at home. When I asked if they would carry out an individualised risk assessment for my aunt’s visit I was told the nurse would consult with the Finance .

Am I being unreasonable? I’m sure the guidelines say that an EC should follow the same testing guidelines as staff but perhaps I’m wrong. Mist of the staff at the gone are great but communication is poor, there’s a lack of transparency and I’m still waiting to see her care plan that was promised months ago.

Hi Alison,
It’s great that you have been granted EC status and can now visit your Aunt.
Lateral flow testing is recommended for visitors to care homes so personally I would just go along with it. It’s a bit of a faff to start with but not difficult to do and you can do it at home and register your result online. Since you are still shielding you might find it reassuring too, to know you haven’t picked up the Covid at the care home?


Hi Melly,

Thanks for your reply. I’d advise anyone who’s having difficulty with access for visits to look at the Government guidelines for residents rights to have an EC. It’s a basic human given.

You’ve made a good point about the LFT being a reassurance, and I’m very used to them. They are a boon. However, asking for them on a daily basis means adding an extra three and a half hours sitting in my car outside while waiting for the result. Sometimes I have to wait almost an hour. That’s really an extra half day a week that I don’t believe will minimise the risk. I really don’t know of any other situation where a person is expected to voluntarily give up their time like this.

I know of other care homes who carry out individualised risk assessments, so this was really my question. Is it unreasonable to expect a home to do this?

Sorry if I wasn’t being clear and thanks for taking the time to reply! I appreciate.

Alison, they won’t accept a home conducted LF result? Or even one you do in car and show them (half an hour better than 3+ hours.)

My caree lives at home with me, others on here visit family/friends in care homes.


No, they won’t accept a home conducted test. I had to take a test today, even though I’d already had one elsewhere earier in the morning and I was meeting my Aunt outdoors in the garden. I’m glad they’re minimising risk for my Aunt and the other residents, but considering I’m shielding at home it does seem excessive.