ESA for disabled friend review

I have a friend who was injured badly in a car accident and has undergone extensive surgery in the last few years. She is doing really well and is able to walk a short distance now without her mobility scooter. This is an amazing achievement from where she has been but she is deterred from trying to make further progress because of the fear of loosing her benefits. Apparently she has had hospital transport withdrawn as someone from the transport company reported they had seen her gardening. If she has done any gardening it is for very short bursts a few feet away from her mobility scooter. She is now feeling as though she is being watched and is worried about an ESA review coming up. I think she is getting higher rate DLA at the moment and may have it withdrawn.
She is not well enough to work due to cocktail of medication she needs and pain she is in. Do you think she needs to be worried by the upcoming assessment ? She has had pelvis all pinned together, a hip replacement twice in same hip, knee surgery on other leg and wears an orthotic boot on one foot. She can hobble a few feet without crutches but it is painful.

Hi Henrietta … not an answer but … long forum threads on SCOPE … might well be a few pointers within those ?

ESA SUPPORT GROUP REVIEWS — Scope | Disability forum

Main ESA part of the forum … over 2,100 postings :

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Added advantage of having online advisors joining in many threads with their advice.

If only this forum that those kind of numbers ?

Thanks Chris,
I’ve never heard of that one, not sure if my friend has- I will send her the link.

Your welcome.

On their PARENTS AND CARERS forum . many are redirected to CUK for specific advice.

About time all our supporting organisations pooled their resources to provide ALL with a one stop advice centre ?

Elderly carer with a disability and housing problems … and no Internet access … should that be AGE UK or SCOPE or Carers UK or Shelter ?

Perhaps , even , an anuual contest … the winners being the charity that shunts most referrals onto another ???

The annual loser ?

Short odds on the CAB ???

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Main thing is she does not do this alone. Local CAB and welfare rights office sometimes have people that can support her at a review. Beforehand though they can assist with any forms she receives. Biggest problem is probably a long wait to get an appt with them.
Start building her case now with copies of all drs and/or hospital letters. If she is iro ESA and in support group, she should have that decision in writing too. Don’t wait till review forms come in as you don’t get long to complete them.

Also the usual applies… get her to keep a diary of anyone she speaks too about this. Get their name. Take note of date and time of a call, adding in a brief out line of what was said.

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