Esa and carers

ESA pay my national insurance contributions only. Can I still claim carers allowance as my disabled relative is coming to live with me.

Can I suggest you ring the Carers UK Helpline, so that you can discuss your personal situation and finances in confidence.

Carers allowance also pays your NI contributions. So I guess once you are claiming carers allowance. There would be no need to claim ESA to (only receive NI credit). It can’t have it paid twice. So the DWP would inform you of that. But once claiming carers allowance I would make sure. That ESA know you are claiming carers allowance.

Do you hope to claim ESA for a payment. As you would be entitled to while claiming carers allowance. This would have been under the old system income support. Or are you going to be going to work.

As stated speak to the Carers UK help line. So you can have in your head option’s that are open to you…

Thank you for your replies :slight_smile: