End of life care

I was told mid Sept that Mum is on end of life care. I managed to get Fast Track NHS Continuing Health Care for her and she is in a marvellous care home. She and I both said a couple of years ago that she is happy to stay there and does not want to go anywhere else when her time comes. The staff are brilliant and they all love her and she is always clean, warm and as comfortable as they can make her.

She has a stoma, catheter and cannot get out of bed. She sleeps a lot but every so often we have a nice few minutes. I am allowed to visit twice a week for an hour. I wear full PPE, have a weekly covid test and temp taken at each visit. They are giving her fairly soft food and some days, like today, they say she ate a good breakfast of porridge. She gets really anxious and agitated some days but the GP has given her some medication to keep her calm.

I don’t suppose anybody knows how long end of life care goes on for because everybody varies. It’s a sad time.

Sending you hugs, ((((Penny)))).