Elderly care n dementia

How many carers are demoralised by the approaches of others to the people we care for.
We can individually deal with the lack of understanding / maturity of fellow care workers and help them be better carers.
My biggest worry is when someone in our care requires hospital treatment to alleviate their condition.
In the press very recently there has been success in hospital staff being ‘retrained’ to deal with autism sufferers and mental illness
Something we all greatly welcome.
If someone with dementia arrives at a hospital I feel, the staff have no idea or knowledge of the difficulties these people suffer daily.
Waiting on a trolley or wheelchair normally for five / six hours before being accessed. Sometimes up to twelve hours.
Total disrespect and cruel to a patient who is confused, unwell,
Agitated, contained and restricted, etc etc.
And hospital staff responses to the patient are frequently rude, crude and unbelievably unrealistic and uncaring.
I could go on but it’s sadly all negative.